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Digital Reception for Bridgnorth Area

-Wide Band aerials are required to receive both digital and analogue broadcasts, this is why it is necessary to replace existing aerials in most cases

-Most existing aerials are only designed to receive a narrrow band of frequencies . For example one needs a group "A" aerial to receive analogue channels from the Wrekin.
- Group A frequenices are channels 21-37 and the Wrekin analogue Channel numbers are 23,26,29,33, and 35, but the digital multiplexes in this area (from the same transmitter) are channels 39,42,45,49,and if your in a favoured location you can also receive multiplex C and D on channels 53 and 57. Therefore you need an wide band aerial that will respond to any frequency between channels 21 and 68

Every main transmitter in the UK transmits 6 digital multiplexes. Each multiplex carries 4 / 6 TV channels and potentially a compliment of radio channels.
Depending on your location you may be limited to the amout of Multiplexes you can receive. In the Bridgnorth Area (excluding Much Wenlock ) potentially we can only receive 4 out of the 6 multiplexes


Digital Multiplexes some examples :-
Multiplex 1 - BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, News 24, CBBC.
Multiplex 2 - ITV1, ITV2 ITV3, ITV4 Channel 4,  MORE 4, E4
Multiplex A - Channel 5, ABC, QVC,
Multiplex B - BBC 4, CBEEBIES,
Multiplex C - Sky Three, UK History, Sky news, Sky Sports News
Multiplex D - The Hits, UK Bright Ideas, FTN, TNT Music

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